An Introduction To CNC Metal Cutting
02.07.2016 15:02

Speaking of CNC machines, you will find them in all sorts of variety, used for various metal cutting jobs. You will be able to use a router, plasma cutter or a lathe for getting the job done. The type of machine that you will use depends on the job at hand. The type of the material, diagrams of the task and the specifications will play a big role in the machine that you are going to choose. There are few machines that work well with different types of materials. To quote an example, lathe is perfect for cutting brass. But when it comes to something like hard steel, lathe wouldn’t be the ideal choice. As you learn more about the machines, you will realize that there are enough types of machines to deal with all sorts of jobs.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Let’s first examine the case of CNC plasma cutting machines. Here they depend on heat to cut through the metal in question. Though there are several places to talk about, the precision of the cuts has to be the biggest advantage of CNC plasma cutting machines. You can maintain the precision of manual cutting here. In case of big projects where you have to produce similar cuts repeatedly on a large scale, this machine could be the ideal choice. As you can see, you will be able to finish the job in a really fast manner. They are available in both stationary as well as portable models. Speaking of precision cutting, water jet cutting services are really popular.

CNC Water Jet Cutting

When it comes to detailed cut with precision, one can totally rely on CNC water jet cutting machines. The best thing about this machine is that you wouldn’t have to worry much about the wastage of expensive material since it provides nesting capabilities. When it comes to repetitive cuts in a large scale manner, all that you need is this machine. Go to Google and look for, ‘water jet cutting services St Louis’ for finding good services in the area.



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